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Sustainability is inextricably linked to our business strategy, informing decision-making at the highest levels. Exelon operates one of America’s cleanest power generation fleets and is a major renewable energy investor and developer. As we look to the future, we envision a more dynamic and resilient utility system where customers have more choice and control over their energy use and where emerging technologies lead to new business models, energy products and services.

Innovation and exploring new ideas are part of Exelon’s culture.

Exelon continues to be at the forefront of clean energy advancements. Our cross-functional, innovative internal groups - the TechEXChange and the Exelorate Growth Board - help us leverage expertise and ingenuity from across the organization, and external resources, to identify new technologies to optimize operations and grow our businesses.

These groups engage with a multitude of experts - from our own employees to national labs to private equity firms - to unearth new technologies and innovations.

We’re also investing in growth-stage energy technology companies through Constellation Technology Ventures, Exelon’s venture capital fund. It invests in emerging companies in our industry and gives them access to Exelon’s management expertise and connection to our broader enterprise. Our investments include electric vehicles, local generation, energy storage, renewable generation and intelligent buildings.

Truly competitive markets deliver the best results.

Our nation’s transition to clean energy will require wind and solar power and, without a doubt, nuclear power. In fact, zero-emission nuclear power is a key part of the nation’s shift to a new, clean energy economy.

Exelon advocates for public policy that treats all clean, low-carbon energy fairly and equally to maximize national greenhouse gas emissions avoidance. Fuel-neutral, technology-neutral approaches that fairly compensate the environmental attributes in the market are important to maintaining and expanding all sources of zero-carbon generation. 

The energy system of the future is closer than you think.

This transformation of the energy system is being driven by a number of factors: technology and innovation, intelligent electric network equipment and systems, consumer interest in renewable energy and distributed generation options - and, of course, our collective concern for the environment.

Through all this change, the demand for clean, affordable and always available power remains.

We believe the current grid and central power generation systems will continue to coexist with distributed generation, renewables, energy efficiency and other investments as the grid is an essential backbone to realizing the promise of new technologies. Smart meters and the smart grid are transforming utilities just as smart phones revolutionized the telecommunications business. At Exelon, we’re making targeted investments in core markets as well as exploring promising technologies with the potential to reshape the energy landscape.

The science is settled. Climate change is real.

Exelon is helping address climate change. We aimed to eliminate 17.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in a single year by 2020. We reached more than 18 million in 2013, seven years ahead of schedule. In 2018, we announced a new operational-emissions goal to further reduce emissions 15% by 2022. We annually commission an independent, third party-verification of our greenhouse gas emissions, and we publicly report our inventory and performance through our annual sustainability report and to organizations like The Climate Registry and CDP.

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