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Exelon is committed to enhancing wildlife habitat among our utility service territories and generation assets throughout 48 US states and Alberta, Canada where we have operations. We take seriously our responsibility to reduce our impacts on wildlife and enhance habitats wherever possible, guided by our corporate Biodiversity and Habitat Policy.     

Our generating stations and transmission line “rights-of-way” traverse thousands of acres of land, which we carefully manage to protect habitats of plant and animal species. As we manage vegetation around transmission lines, we also work to enhance the diversity of habitats in these areas. 

Our habitat management also supports a variety of pollinators such as insects, birds and mammals. Recently, focus has been placed on the monarch butterfly by many resource management groups. Many of our operations are in areas where monarch butterflies may rest and recharge (feed) along their incredible 3,000-mile journey! 

This interactive map showcases the migration path of monarchs and projects that Exelon has implemented to support pollinator species. 
Spring breeding grounds
Spring/Summer breeding grounds
Summer breeding grounds
Migration path
We work to improve understanding of biodiversity through partnerships with biodiversity experts and regulatory agencies on a variety of studies and provide educational opportunities for employees and community members through more than 50 conservation sites recognized under Wildlife Habitat Council or National Wildlife Federation criteria.    

 Maintenance and enhancement of habitats and biodiversity is an integral part of the management of our assets and operations. We minimize potential biodiversity and habitat impacts such as bird interactions with power lines, pollinator loss, thermal discharges and hazardous materials management throughout our operations. 

 Finally, we encourage every Exelon employee to make a difference to the environment through volunteerism and partnerships with environmental and educational non-profits. 

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