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Limerick Offers Winter Weather Safety Reminders


As we bundle up for blustery winter weather, be prepared for snow, ice and wind with these seasonal safety tips.

  • Walk on paths that have been cleared of snow and ice. Do not take shortcuts through snow covered areas.
  • If you must walk in areas where snow and ice has not been cleared, wear Trekkers to help avoid and slipping and falling.
  • When walking on snow or ice is unavoidable, take small steps and point feet outward like a duck.
  • Wear gloves so you can keep your hands out of your pockets for improved balance.
  • Dress in layers to protect yourself from the cold. 
  • Be aware of the weather report and allow yourself extra travel time during inclement weather.
  • When driving in a parking lot, be aware of plows and people removing snow.

If you are removing snow at your house: 

  • Operate all snow removal equipment per the manufacturer's instructions.  Never clear a jam in a snow blower while it is operating. Shut it down prior to clearing jams.
  • If operating a snow plow, take your time and drive slowly. If the windows cannot stay clear due to blowing snow, stop in a safe place and clear the windows to maintain proper visibility.
  • When shoveling, protect your back and lift with your legs. Avoid twisting.
  • Take breaks in warm areas and hydrate frequently to prevent muscle cramps. While it is cold outside, you still need to hydrate.

Stay safe out there!



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