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Prairie State College tour


A group from Prairie State College recently learned firsthand about the enormous amount of carbon-free energy Braidwood Station sends to the Chicago area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Led by employees Patrick Murray and Kevin Hendricks, the group of 10 toured the station's control room, turbine deck and diesel generators to learn how Braidwood Station operates, producing emission-free electricity for more than 2 million homes and businesses . 

They also saw the spent fuel storage pad where storage casks holding the plant's spent nuclear fuel sit toward eastern edge of the site. 

The students and Prairie State College earth science professor Lee Anne Burrough said they were impressed with the site, our dedication to safety and the vast size of the equipment needed to operate the plant.

Prairie State College is a two-year community college in Chicago Heights, Ill near the Illinois-Indiana border. Several students said it was eye-opening to see what it takes to provide power to the Chicago area.



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