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Peach Bottom Hosts National Defense University


On March 9, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and Nuclear Energy Institue (NEI) hosted students and professors from National Defense University’s Dwight D. Eisenhower School For National Security And Resource Strategy. The school develops strategic leaders who understand and can assess how energy applies to the national security industrial base and its underlying globalized industrial base in order to effectively incorporate its potential contributions to national security. These students were selected by their military service or government agency as highly promising career professionals and hold the ranks of Colonel/Captain, Lieutenant Colonel/Commander, or the equivalent for civilians, who are poised to hold high ranking government offices that could influence our industry in the future. 

Carol Berrigan, Senior Director for Industry Infrastructure at the Nuclear Energy Institute joined station leadership to provide the group with a tour of the facility and an overview of how nuclear power works and its benefits. Topics covered throughout the day included post- Fukushima industry improvements, cyber security and spent fuel storage. Carol also provided the group with an in-depth look into the economic and policy challenges facing the industry including poor market conditions, increased regulatory requirements and the lack of equitable federal and state energy policies. This tour is one of the many ways Peach employees are advocating for our fleet and our industry.



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