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New Employee Resource Group Fosters Diversity, Inclusion


Employees at Exelon Generation’s Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station have started a new Employee Resource Group (ERG) to help foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace. ERGs are employee-led groups that foster an inclusive workplace that is aligned with the organization’s mission, values, goals, business practices and objectives. ERGs help businesses like Exelon in many areas, from talent management and recruitment, to shaping policy and strategy.

The mission of the new group, Exelon African American Resource Alliance (EAARA), is to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, facilitate community service involvement, serve as a platform for professional development, promote cultural awareness and advocate for the nuclear power industry.

"Originally the charter started out as a Peach Bottom initiative, but as word gets out, others in the fleet want to join in as well. The charter has since grown into an effort to create a Mid-Atlantic charter that encompasses Peach Bottom, TMI, Limerick, Oyster Creek and Kennett Square," said Peach Bottom Senior Engineer, Courtney Allen. "The goal is to provide a blue print for the North East and Mid-West to establish charters as well."  

Specifically, the EAARA wants to enrich the communities where we work and live, educate the public of the benefits of nuclear energy and increase employee retention and engagement, ensuring Exelon remains an industry-leader. The team is thinking about establishing internships, mentoring and scholarship programs, presenting at schools, and coordinating community service activities. Other ideas include internal networking sessions to build relationships, knowledge sharing, and leveraging experience.

"Limerick's EAARA group has become an important contributor to Limerick's and overall Exelon's diversity and inclusion culture. I purposely say culture because it is more sustainable than goals," said Jeffrey Elisca, Site Controller at Limerick.

The Peach Bottom EARRA is off to a great start and has already defined the following goals: 

1. Diversity & Inclusion: EAARA will work to increase diversity and inclusion and ensure Exelon is an industry-leader in this area by supporting efforts to recruit, develop, retain and promote diverse talent. 
2. Community Outreach: EAARA will work to enrich the lives of people in the communities where we work and live by ensuring Exelon Generation has a significant reach and strategic presence in diverse community organizations by planning, coordinating, co-sponsoring and executing community service activities.  
3. Employee and Leadership Development: EAARA will work to ensure Exelon Generation has a diverse talent pool for succession planning by providing members with leadership opportunities, networking events, mentor pairing, knowledge sharing and development workshops.
4. Employee Engagement: EAARA will work to increase employee engagement by providing a platform for members to network, serve the community, share best practices, lead key initiatives, and increase member business acumen.
5. Promote the Nuclear Industry: EAARA will work to promote the nuclear industry by partnering with local schools, universities, and community centers on STEM initiatives and hosting information sessions at community events.

To learn more about EAARA, please contact or

For more information about Diversity and Inclusion at Exelon, visit:



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