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Green Energy and Green Thumbs: Exelon Generation Employees Advance Environmental Projects at Byron Station


Employees at Exelon Generation's Byron Generating Station have long been Tree 2 copy.jpgstewards for the environment, producing carbon-free electricity for more than two million Illinois homes and businesses. And this weekend, hundreds of employees and their family members demonstrated that commitment by planting 750 spruce and cedar trees, along with deciduous elderberry and hazelnut shrubs, just south of the plant's entrance on German Church Road.  The new trees join more than 1,000 trees planted to the north of the plant over the previous four years.

Tree 5 copy.jpg 

"Byron Generating Station and its employees are incredible environmental assets," said site vice president, Mark Kanavos. "We operate at world-class levels of environmental excellence and are always looking for ways to enhance our property to preserve and protect wildlife. Our conservation club volunteers have put in a lot of effort to help new trees and natural species thrive. Wildlife and humans co-exist on plant property and it's a wonderful thing to see."

Byron employees have also been busy extending Exelon Generation's Tree 8 copy.jpgpollinator program, part of a massive statewide campaign to plant indigenous plants that feed insects and grassland birds and butterflies. The nuclear station borders the Byron Forest Preserve District property, an area leader in land conservation and habitat deployment. Todd Tucker, executive director of the forest preserve district, says projects on adjoining properties help the overall health of the entire region's ecosystem.

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"We salute Byron Station and its employees for all their work to help the native plant and animal communities," Tucker said. "By planting trees and enhancing the pollinator program, we are making real progress in preserving and protecting local wildlife."



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