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Reports Confirm Exelon’s Leadership in Advancing Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Two reports show company operates cleanest generation fleet and some of the most energy efficient utilities in the nation

CHICAGO — Exelon operates the cleanest fleet of power plants among the nation’s largest power producers and its utilities rank among the most energy efficient in the nation, according to two recent industry reports.  

Based on U.S. Energy Information Administration and Environmental Protection Agency data, the 2017 Benchmarking Air Emissions of the 100 Largest Electric Power Producers report indicates that Exelon’s nuclear, natural gas and renewable energy plants continue to have by far the lowest rate of carbon dioxide emissions among the 20 largest privately held or investor-owned energy producers. The next best-ranking company had an emissions rate more than six times higher than Exelon’s, while Exelon operates the nation’s largest nuclear fleet and is a major solar and wind energy producer.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its six utilities, three of which ranked in the 2017 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) report of the top 50 most energy-efficient utilities in the nation. Two of the company’s utilities, BGE in Maryland and ComEd in Illinois, were in the top 10, with Pennsylvania’s PECO also making the list. Exelon’s Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco utilities were not evaluated in the study, which was based on utility retail sales. 

“Customers want reliable, affordable energy that doesn’t come with harmful air pollution,” said Chris Gould, Exelon’s chief innovation and sustainability officer.  “We’re answering that call by providing more ways for them to conserve energy – which lowers costs – and by enabling the transition to a low-carbon future that protects the long-term health of our communities.”

The ACEEE study examined metrics across three categories including savings and spending performance, program diversity and emerging areas, and efficiency-related regulatory issues, using 2015 data. Combined, customers of the six Exelon utilities have conserved 27 million megawatts of power since the inception of the various energy efficiency programs, enough to power more than 2.5 million homes for one year.  Customers also saved almost $9 billion dollars through a variety of programs that encourage lower energy use, including appliance rebates and bill credits for using less energy on certain hot days.  ComEd has plans to double its energy efficiency offerings as part of Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act, passed in 2016. 

The Benchmarking Air Emissions report evaluates publicly reported emissions data from the nation’s 100 largest electric power producers. The latest rankings are based on 2015 data.  Since that period, Exelon has added additional clean resources to its nuclear fleet, including acquisition of the James A, FitzPatrick nuclear energy plant in New York.
Last year, Exelon received A- Leadership scores from the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) for disclosures in the three areas CDP measures – climate change, water use management and sustainable supply chain efforts.  Exelon has been a leader in CDP disclosure performance for more than six years.  Exelon has also been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America Index for 11 consecutive years. Exelon has also received other national and global recognitions for programs to incorporate clean energy, energy efficiency and smart grid technology as part of its strategy to build a sustainable and reliable next-generation energy grid.  

To learn more about Exelon’s programs to protect the environment and enhance communities, read the Sustainability Report 2016​.     




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