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Exelon Invests in Future Female Leaders With STEM Saturdays

We are taking the lead by providing STEM education for girls in our communities.

While women continue to make strides in other areas of the workplace, they are still underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields that are so important to our modern economy. 

At Exelon, we want to change this. We know that we simply cannot thrive without closing the gender gap and that’s why we have made it our mission to focus on women’s development and the need for gender diversity. 

We are taking the lead by providing STEM education for girls in our communities…

Exelon has proudly joined with the United Nations #HeForShe Initiative to educate and encourage young women interested in STEM activities and careers. Through STEM programs, students from high school through college are able to develop meaningful relationships with Exelon employees and mentors. This partnership provides students with the opportunities and resources they need, creating a pool of young women who may eventually be candidates to work at Exelon.

Exelon has created STEM Saturdays during the school year and the summer STEM Innovation Leadership Academy to engage high. school juniors and seniors. These young women engage in an atmosphere of learning and collaboration in a variety of workplaces and cultural institutions. They also are introduced to women in STEM leadership roles in order to learn more about their work and future leadership opportunities. 

During the 2018-19 school year, girls will have the opportunity to participate in 6-7 Saturday sessions.

 In 2018, STEM Saturdays have already proven to be a Success…

On April 28th, students gathered for STEM Saturday at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, eager to learn and explore everything science, technology, engineering, and math related. Students were able to meet with female Shedd employees, learn about their STEM backgrounds and ask them all about their experiences and careers. They also got to dissect a squid, learn how STEM is incorporated in the day-to-day operations of Shedd and had lots of fun exploring the Aquarium!

The following weekend was another STEM Saturday at the Brookfield Zoo where girls had the opportunity to meet several of the Zoo’s women leaders, experience up-close encounters with the ambassador animals, and learn all about how the Zoo and ComEd work together on sustainability programs!

Don’t miss out on what’s next… 

The STEM Innovation Leadership Academy will take place this summer in Chicago and D.C.

The STEM Innovation Leadership Academy offers girls from Chicago and the Washington, D.C. area the opportunity to participate in a week-long, immersive STEM leadership program on a college campus. This experience will give girls a chance to learn about STEM in fun, interactive ways, such as field trips, keynote speakers and panels with women leaders from across the city, leadership development training, and an energy challenge! 

Upcoming Academy Dates:
August 5 - August 11, University of Maryland

As always, Exelon is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and our STEM programs reflect our values.



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