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Calvert Cliffs Monitors Bluebirds, Supports Environment


Between May and August each year, Calvert Cliffs monitors the bluebird population around the station.  On this year's first outing to review the 16 bluebird boxes located around the plant's 1500 acre property there were 24 bluebird eggs documented!  

Each week a team of employees will monitor the progress of the nests and discourage habitat of the boxes by sparrows through removing any empty sparrow nests or moving boxes that seem to be favorites of the not-so-lovable sparrow.  The male sparrow can be particularly nasty and will often kill not just the young bluebirds but even the adults and eggs too.1.jpg

Why Bluebirds you ask?  Bluebirds have a large historical and cultural 4.jpgsignificance in the Eastern United States. They continue to play an important role in protecting crops from insects, ensuring a reliable food source for people. Bluebird boxes are planted around agricultural fields to feed on insects that can otherwise destroy crops.(www.SERC.SI.EDU).



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