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FitzPatrick Employees Encourage Environmental Stewardship

FitzPatrick Employees Encourage Environmental Stewardship

James A. FitzPatrick employees have been supporters of Oswego County Soil & Water Conservation District for many years. We have been a proud sponsor of the organization’s Plant-a-Tree and Envirothon programs. At FitzPatrick and throughout Exelon we are committed to not only being a good environmental steward but also to promoting environmental awareness. 

Through the Plant-a-Tree Program, tree seedlings and educational materials are provided to 5,000 Oswego County students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The program gives students a better understanding of the importance of trees by giving them a hands-on opportunity to be environmental stewards. Not only are we helping to promote environmental awareness with our continued support, we are also helping to increase the number of trees in Oswego County. 

The Envirothon is a hands-on environmental competition for high school students in grades nine through twelve. Students spend the year studying the environment and preparing their teams for the competition. The students work in teams of five to complete hands-on exams given in aquatics, current environmental issues, forestry, soils, and wildlife. The Envirothon is an opportunity for students to learn in-depth about the environment, promoting awareness and stewardship.​

Exelon and FitzPatrick look forward to continuing our partnership with the County Conservation District to promote environmental awareness and education programs.

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