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Innovation Expo

Our company's creative and inventive minds are featured at our annual Exelon Innovation Expo.  The Innovation Expo showcases exciting technologies, gives employees a chance to show off their inner innovator and brings together industry experts. This year's theme revovled around our "Reinventing Energy in our Cities" journey — it's what we're doing to give our customers more reliable, safe and clean energy. 

At Exelon, Innovation is in our DNA. We are embracing change, to build a better tomorrow. Operating in some of the largest cities in the world, Exelon aims to foster innovation with our employees, youth and communities. 

​This year’s Innovation Expo showcased exciting technologies, employee displays, and industry experts. We were excited to hear from Bill Nye, the "Science Guy", who was our keynote speaker for this event. This year’s theme was “A Cleaner and Brighter Future” which featured​ our purpose of Powering a Cleaner and Brighter Future for our Customers and Communities.

Our 2019 Innovation Expo is over, but more than 4,000 attendees will continue to reflect on the insights and perspectives they heard, and the displays they saw. Our workforce will continue to generate #ExelonIdeas and those ideas will continue to energize us until we can reconvene next year.

2018 Exelon Innovation Expo Agenda

Reinventing Energy in our Cities
August 16, 2018 | Washington D.C. Convention Center

​7:30AM Doors open + Welcome General Session
​Opening Remarks
  • Chris Crane, President & CEO, Exelon
  • Bill Von Hoene, Sr. EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Exelon​
  • Tyler Anthony, SVP & COO, PHI​

​Panel | Reinventing Energy in our Cities

Energy is a critical resource that enables society, families, schools, businesses, and institutions in every city to thrive. As cities across the country examine what it means to truly be a "smart city,” energy continues to be an important part of that future. Cities are looking for ways to maximize the use of energy by implementing new technologies, exploring new service models, and designing new kinds of partnerships.
  • ​Anne Pramaggiore, Sr. EVP and CEO of Exelon Utilities - Moderator
  • Kendra Parlock, Baltimore Director, Mayor's Office of Sustainable Solutions
  • Robert Rivkin​​​, Chicago Deputy Mayor 
  • Rashad M. Young, District of Columbia City Administrator
  • Michael DiBerardinis, Philadelphia Managing Director 
​10:00AM  Employee Displays - OPEN​

Panel | Power a Cleaner Future​

Exelon is proud to be a long-standing leader in helping our customers and communities minimize their carbon footprint. As the largest zero-carbon electric generation company in the U.S., we want to continue to push ourselves to do more to lower our own carbon footprint as a business. Therefore, we are setting a goal to reduce our emissions from internal operations by 15% by 2022. This panel will outline the strategy to accomplish that goal and describe ways to help.​

  • Chris Gould, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer, Exelon- Moderator
  • Maggie FitzPatrick, SVP Corporate Affairs, Philanthropy and Customer Engagement, Exelon
  • Steve Woerner, President & COO, BGE
  • Kathleen Barrón, SVP Governmental & Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy, Exelon
  • Amy Bailey, Director, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

​11:00AM ​ Guest Speaker Muriel Bowser, Mayor of the District of Columbia

Introduced by Bill Von Hoene, Sr. EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Exelon​
​11:30AM ​ ​Panel | Powering Employees

Innovation at scale is a team sport. It requires perspectives from a diverse set of people to identify the right problems to solve, think broadly about the options to solve them, and then collaborate together to implement and scale a solution. At Exelon, we have a broad spectrum of expertise and backgrounds. For us to achieve our ambitious goals, we will need to be intentional to work together even more than we do today. This panel will be comprised of leaders across the Exelon organization who can speak to what efforts are already in place, discuss new possibilities, and explain how all employees can engage in this mission.

  • Janese Murray, VP Diversity and Inclusion, Exelon- Moderator
  • Tim Webster, Director IT, Utility of the Future and Smart Meter Services, Exelon 
  • Joan Knight, Director of Innovation, Exelon
  • Frank Scumacci, Director of Utility Performance Assessment, Exelon Utilities
  • Amrita Acharya-Menon, Engineer Pepco Holdings​

​11:30AM-1:30PM ​ Lunch
​1:00PM ​ ​Panel | Partnerships & External Ecosystem

The most innovative companies in the world are often some of the most networked companies in the world. They excel at leveraging the power of an ecosystem to drive breakthrough thinking, technology development, new business models, and re-define themselves. The energy industry is changing fast, and Exelon must change with it. However, change can’t happen without engaging our stakeholders, partners, and customers in an active, collaborative dialogue. Hear examples of how we are engaging others in our transformation and innovation journey.

  • ​Rob Wolcott – Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) – Moderator
  • Charles Hanna, VP National Accounts, Constellation
  • Jeff Blankman, Sustainable Manufacturing Manager, McCormick & Co.                           
  • Val Jensen, SVP Strategy & Policy, Exelon Utilities 
  • Ty Benefiel, President of MeterGenius 
  • Betsy-Ziegler, CEO of 1871​
​1:30PM  Voting - Employee Displays – CLOSES
​2:00PM ​Inspirational Speaker

Daymond John, Businessman, investor, best-selling author, entrepreneur 
and TV personality with ABC’s Shark Tank
Introduced by Jorge Acevedo, SVP Generation Innovation & Strategy
Fast Pitch Contest with Celebrity Judge Daymond John | Panel 
introductions by Brian Hoff, Director of Innovation

Awards to Top 3 in each category 
​     Exelon Judges: 
  • Carim Khouzami, SVP & COO, Exelon Utilties 
  • Jorge Acevedo, SVP Generation Innovation & Strategy, Constellation
  • Susan Landahl, SVP Org Effect and Performance Assessment, Exelon Generation​
​​4:15PM Closing Remarks
  • ​Chris Gould, SVP, Chief Innovation & Sustainability Officer, Exelon​​


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