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Women Light The Way at Exelon on Equality Day


Voting was only the beginning. Since the 19th Amendment of the Constitution passed, granting women the right to vote, women have made even greater strides towards full equality, including winning equal rights to education and employment. Even so, we recognize there is still so much more we can do.

That’s why on Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, Exelon and our family of companies join together to celebrate our victories and those who got us here, as well as plot our futures with those who constantly remind us always to do better.

Exelon has long been and continues to be a leading ambassador for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We strive to create a workplace that not only mirrors the communities we serve but empowers all people - including those of different genders, races, ages, backgrounds or religions - to share their ideas and push innovation to the limits. We see diversity as a strength and hope one day, inclusiveness will be a reflex, not an initiative.

As part of our HeForShe commitment, we have invested $3 million in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs for girls and young women, signed the White House’s Equal Pay Pledge and implemented family leave policies so no one – no man, nor woman - will ever have to choose between career and family

However, this year, we want to celebrate the strength and progress of women by highlighting our inspiration – the remarkable women who work here. They’ve generously shared their workplace experiences and offered their thoughts on the importance of Women’s Equality Day. Take a look at what they had to say. 

How has your organization/company empowered you in your career?

    “Exelon and in particular BGE has empowered me in my career by providing an inclusive environment where I no longer have to worry about the differences I bring being one of the very few female engineers, immigrant African American with an accent! In some areas the company has gone above and beyond by providing equity which goes beyond equality.”​

    -Liliane Kuitcha – Sr. Engineer, BGE


    “At ComEd, I am constantly surrounded by strong women – smart, accomplished leaders – who form a network of support, friendship and examples.” 

    -Erica Borggren – VP Customer Care, ComEd


    “It’s essential for women leaders to be represented among the top ranks of the organization. Seeing women in leadership roles here at Exelon makes the vision real [and] empowers us to reach higher and further.” 

    -Chantee Angus – Operations Coordinator, PECO

Why do you think it's important to celebrate Women's Equality Day - both as an individual and within the company?


    “Because there is still work to be done and it takes recognition and commitment from the individual and company alike. We must celebrate the progress that has been made while working together to address the inequalities that still exist.” 

    -Allyson Black – State Affairs Manager, BGE


    “It legitimatizes the work of the women who came before me who established the dialogue and fought for equality in the workplace.”

    -Dana Small, Director of District Smart Grid Planning & Innovation, PHI 


    “The observance of this day within the company displays Exelon’s commitment to and value for all of its employees and the communities it serves.”

    -Serena Wilson-Archie – Maintenance Manager, Exelon Power


    “It is important to celebrate Women’s Equality Day as a reminder of the pride, fearlessness and continuous battle that has been fought to ensure that women receive the same opportunity and treatment as men. Exelon embraces diversity and utilizes the benefits as a way to be an industry leader.”

    -Angela Bertolozzi – Maintenance Program Specialist, Exelon Generation

What would you say to young women interested in entering energy or other STEM-related industries? 

    “Go for it! There are so many exceptional opportunities in STEM industries and young women must know that they have the capacity to excel in this space.”

    -Allyson Black – State Affairs Manager, BGE


    “Guidance that I would provide to young women interested in entering utility or other STEM-related industries would be to stay with it. Be confident but not arrogant; don’t be afraid to step out and take risks because that is the way everything keeps moving forward.”

    -Serena Wilson-Archie – Maintenance Manager, Exelon Power

What advice do you have for women in male-dominated fields?


    “Don’t suffer from self-doubt. You deserve to be there just as much as your peers and if you ask them, they may be experiencing the same feelings.”

    -Nicole Levine – VP Electric Operations, PECO 


    “Don’t focus on the fact that you are a woman working in a male-dominated field. Let your work, moral compass and integrity set you apart, not your gender.”

    -Blaire Miller – Sr. Business Development Manager, Constellation


    “Stand tall, speak up and be confident in your abilities. Your unique experiences and perspective are valuable and will allow you to contribute in impactful and meaningful ways.””

    -Chantee Angus – Operations Coordinator, PECO​

​What does Women’s Equality Day (or women’s equality in general) mean to you personally?


    “I am an African-American woman who is also a member of the LGBTQ community, which makes me a minority on many fronts. My wish is that women’s equality will eventually be a given, the same as I wish racial equality and equality for all sexual orientations will one day be a given. Until that day comes, having special days to celebrate and recognize equality adds validity to my very existence in spaces that people such as myself have had to struggle and fight to be included.”

    -Brandy Donaldson – Sr. Nuclear Site Communications Specialist, Exelon Generation 


    “It means laying the foundation for the young women who are getting ready to take aim at the societal challenges of their generation. It means setting the example for my two daughters that their capabilities are equal to that of the male counterparts and that their voice is relevant.”

    -Dana Small – Director of District Smart Grid Planning & Innovation, PHI


    “As a woman in a male-dominated STEM field, it is important to take this day to recognize the additional, small steps I can personally take towards overcome gender bias in our industry.”

    -Sara E. Lacey – General Engineer, Pepco​

What does Women’s Equality Day (or women’s equality in general) within your organization/company mean to you?

    “Women are still a significant minority in the utilities. For me, Women’s Equality Day celebrates the progress thus far but recognizes there is still work to be done.” 

    -Nicole Levine – VP Electric Operation, PECO


    “It emphasizes the support Exelon has for women and the value that diversity brings to the organization.”

    -Amber C. Young – Transmission Planning Manager, PHI 

Women’s Equality Day reminds us to reflect on where we were seven generations ago when the women’s movement started, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future. True equality remains a work in progress, and we need to consider how always to work with and support each other towards that goal.

As Alice Paul, trailblazer and the first to write out the Equal Rights Amendment in 1923, said: “I always feel the movement is sort of a mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.” 

So, thank you to everyone who has added their stone, and we look forward to all those who will add theirs in the future to help us complete this picture.

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