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Why Exelon Divested from Coal: The Case for Clean Energy

Business as usual won’t suffice for energy companies. The time to invest in a cleaner energy future is now.

​​As the largest producer of clean energy in the U.S., Exelon works to deliver even more clean energy solutions every day. Our customers and our environment demand it. Yet, we can’t meet their demands alone.

The entire industry must join together in promoting clean, zero-emission energy solutions like renewables and nuclear in order to reduce the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions affecting our environment. The good news is that the industry can change…today. 

The Case for Investing in Clean Energy

The burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heat and transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, the dangerous gases that trap heat and make Earth warmer. And among fossil fuels, coal is one of the highest emitters of the most prolific greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2).

The push to clean energy begins with investing in emission-free sources such as nuclear and renewables. The industry must also use new technology to make fossil fuels like coal cleaner. For instance, Exelon has a membership in the MIT Energy Initiative, where we collaborate to develop carbon-capture technology, as well as advancements in renewable energy. 

If innovation can’t solve the problem, companies must be willing to adjust energy portfolios accordingly. And when it comes to coal, that’s the decision we’ve made.

As part of Exelon’s 2020 commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 15 million metric tons per year, we chose to retire and sell all of our coal-fired generation interests in the last decade. In February 2017, Exelon sold its 26-megawatt interest in Utah’s Sunnyside power plant, our final coal-fired asset. Today, we continue to expand our utilities’ energy- efficiency programs, as well as our nuclear, wind, solar and hydro-generating capacity. 

Exelon’s clean energy solutions are working. The U.S. Energy Information Administration and Environmental Protection Agency data shows that Exelon has the lowest CO2 emissions rate among top-20 privately owned energy ​producers in the U. S.

The time to invest in a cleaner energy future is now. Necessity drives innovation. Reducing the impact of energy generation, distribution and consumption on our environment demands commitment and an unbounded innovative spirit—innovation that promises to make our industry and communities brighter and cleaner, for generations to come. And each energy company must commit to this spirit today.

We look forward to continuing to work with industry leaders to take bold, innovative moves to power a more sustainable tomorrow together. 

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