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The Grid

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Energy never sleeps.

It’s 2 AM; a ComEd control room operator in Chicago spots an outage. In a split second she switches on another generator, restoring power to the city block at Southport and Fullerton (and maybe to your coffeemaker).

A couple hours later, a line worker wakes up in Philadelphia. He reports to duty in an hour – beating rush hour to install a new PECO transformer on a busy downtown street. Over 300 miles away in New York, an engineer begins her shift at the Ginna nuclear energy plant, generating power for the 3rd largest state in the country. A solar plant manager in California hasn’t slept all night. He is stirred by an idea for energy storage; it’s the answer he’s spent months searching for.

Our 34,000 employees are on the clock 24/7. And the energy they generate and safely distribute is all around you. We power the hundreds of thousands of moments throughout your day that couldn’t happen without energy. 

Yet, what we do and how we do it is changing – fast. Like all industries, the energy landscape is amidst a period of great transformation. Climate change demands new clean energy solutions. And technology is helping us answer those calls today. 

Through these changes, we’re working hard to ensure that you and future generations always wake up to a seamless, uninterrupted day. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes to meet this promise. So, we asked ourselves: How can we share what we’re doing with you? 

Our solution: The Grid, Exelon’s new blog.

Starting today, The Grid will be your guide through the changing energy landscape, providing insight not only into Exelon, but also into the energy industry at large. 

We’ll explore the policies that affect our nation and tackle pressing issues like climate change, diversity and inclusion, nuclear power, economics, and cyber security. We’ll take you inside our generating plants, show you the groundbreaking technologies we’re developing, introduce you to the innovators whirling away across our company, and explore the ways that we give back to the communities around us.

From developing and pioneering emerging technologies, like battery storage, fuel cells, and alternative transportation, to supporting our nation’s clean energy supply across nuclear, wind, solar, and more, we’re not afraid to tackle the next big energy puzzle. 

Welcome aboard. We’re excited to share what makes us tick 365 days a year and how we’re building a brighter, more sustainable future.



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