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Testimony highlights environmental and economic benefits of New Jersey nuclear plants


​On April 5, 2018, Kathleen Barrón, Exelon’s Senior Vice President of Competitive Market Policy, testified before the New Jersey Senate Budget and Appropriations and Assembly Appropriations Committees on proposed nuclear energy legislation (S2313/A3724).

Barrón outlined her support for the legislation, which would establish a Zero Emission Certificate (ZEC) program to appropriately value the environmental benefits of New Jersey’s nuclear fleet. 
Benefits of that legislation include: 
  • Protecting the environment and air quality. Nuclear energy provides over 90 percent of the state's carbon-free energy and helps avoid 14 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually – the equivalent of keeping 3 million cars off the road. This saves the state $733 million annually in carbon and air pollution costs.
  • Protecting local jobs. Local nuclear plants contribute more than 5,800 direct and indirect jobs statewide, add over $800 million to New Jersey's GDP and power more than two million homes and businesses.
  • Keeping energy affordable and reliable. Nuclear energy reduces New Jersey’s energy costs and increases reliability, as these plants save customers $400 million annually on electricity and operate around-the-clock, regardless of poor weather conditions or the time of day.

Barron's full testimony can be found here.

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