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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Our mission

Exelon's mission is to be the leading diversified energy company - by providing reliable, clean, affordable and innovative energy products.

"Through innovative policy design, we can meet the demand for more clean energy, achieve emissions reductions and benefit the economy without sacrificing reliability or affordability."


– Chris Crane, Exelon President and CEO​​​

Chris Crane at ONS Stavanger

On Aug. 31, Exelon CEO and President Chris Crane addressed industry thought leaders about the interplay between changing technology and the role of public policy in the drive to clean energy at the ONS Conference in Norway. Crane remarked that current public policy does not properly value nuclear generation for its zero-carbon, reliable energy production, which conflicts with U.S. goals for reducing carbon and other greenhouse-gas emissions. But by recognizing that nuclear plants are a valuable source of clean energy, the nation’s nuclear fleet can serve as a bridge to a sustainable future. ​


Chris Crane at CERAWeek

Exelon CEO Chris Crane spoke on the “North American Power CEO Dialogue” panel at CERAWeek, the annual international conference of energy industry leaders hosted by IHS Energy, on Feb. 25 in Austin, Texas. In the below interview with Larry Makovich, chief strategist at IHS, Crane discusses Exelon’s investments and advances in technology and renewable opportunities such as the smart readers used by the company’s utilities. Also at CERAWeek, Exelon announced its partnership with the Massachusetts ​Institute of Technology to research innovations to address climate change.

See press release​​​​​​​

"Technology availability has become a real part of our improvement of the grid of the future."


– Chris Crane, Exelon President and CEO​​

Our integrated business model

As the energy industry undergoes rapid changes, Exelon is executing a strategy to grow and diversify the company. We’re making targeted investments in core markets and promising technologies with the potential to reshape the energy landscape.

Exelon’s advantage is our competitive integrated business model. It provides a platform to pursue a broad range of opportunities as changing consumer behavior, rapidly evolving technologies, challenges to grid integrity and continued industry consolidation transform the industry.

Each of our component businesses – regulated utilities, merchant generation and competitive retail services – gives us a unique view into the entire energy spectrum. They also provide insight into the technologies and trends that will drive value for our customers and shareholders going forward.

The driving principle behind Exelon’s strategy is to preserve the value of its core assets, while also capitalizing on emerging trends and technologies to diversify the business for growth.

Exelon believes the energy industry is entering a long transformation. We believe we have the right business model and vision to grow our core markets, capitalize on emerging trends and thrive in this period of change.

The areas of focus that propel our strategy will allow us to reap increasing value from today’s regulated and competitive opportunities while enabling greater value creation as we master new competencies and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

“Our integrated business model provides a strong foundation for success in an industry experiencing dramatic changes. Diversification and innovation enable us to take advantage of a broad range of opportunities, rather than betting on any one segment of our industry.”

– Chris Crane, Exelon President and CEO

Culture of innovation

To thrive in an industry undergoing fundamental change, Exelon has cultivated a culture of innovation that promotes early adoption of promising new technologies and processes. To help identify new opportunities, Exelon has created a multi-tiered technology evaluation platform that brings together various experts within the company to examine new technologies and determine whether to incorporate them into our business.

At its core is the TechEXChange, charged with exploring technology that has the potential to form the basis of new businesses. A team of more than 60 experts from throughout the Exelon family of companies has formed relationships with government and industry associations, national labs, top universities, technology companies, and venture capital and private equity firms to unearth innovations that will drive the energy system of the future. TechEXChange is currently focusing its efforts on five primary areas of development: battery storage, fuel cells, vehicles powered by alternative fuels, water and hydrogen. All are areas that could produce the next enabling technology that will upend energy markets and bring new ways to produce and deliver electricity to customers.

In addition to TechEXChange, our Constellation Technology Ventures group, or CTV, invests in venture stage energy technology companies representing innovations that complement Exelon’s core businesses, with the goal of providing new solutions to Exelon’s customers. Investments through CTV have touched on a wide range of new technologies, including alternative generation, energy storage, electric vehicles and intelligent buildings.

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